Application Notes

Title Product Family
AN-14 - TOPSwitch Tips, Techniques & Troubleshooting Guide
AN-15 - TOPSwitch Power Supply Design Techniques for EMI & Safety
AN-16 - TOPSwitch Flyback Design Methodology
AN-17 - Flyback Transformer Design for TOPSwitch Power Supplies
AN-18 - TOPSwitch Flyback Transformer Construction Guide
AN-19 - TOPSwitch Flyback Power Supply Efficiency
AN-20 - Transient Suppression Techniques for TOPSwitch Power Supplies
AN-21 - TOPSwitch-II Flyback Quick Selection Curves
AN-22 - Designing Multiple Output Power Supplies with TOPSwitch
AN-23 - TinySwitch Flyback Design Methodology
AN-24 - Audio Noise Suppression Techniques
AN-26 - TOPSwitch-FX Flyback Quick Selection Curves
AN-29 - TOPSwitch-GX Flyback Quick Selection Curves
AN-30 - TOPSwitch-GX Forward Design Methodology
AN-300 - Qspeed High Temperature Reverse Bias (HTRB) Reliability Testing
AN-301 - Qspeed Reverse Recovery Charge, Current and Time
AN-302 - Qspeed Reverse Voltage Sharing of Series Rectifiers
AN-303 - Qspeed Family RoHS Compliant Soldering Considerations
AN-31 -DPA-Switch Forward Converter Design Guide
AN-32 - TOPSwitch-GX Flyback Design Methodology
AN-35 - LinkSwitch Design Guide
AN-37 - LinkSwitch-TN Design Guide
AN-38 - LinkSwitch-HF Design Guide
AN-39 - LinkSwitch-LP Design Guide
AN-40 - LinkSwitch-XT Design Guide
AN-41 - PeakSwitch Design Guide
AN-42 - TinySwitch-PK Design Guide
AN-43 - TOPSwitch-HX Design Guide
AN-44 - LinkSwitch-II Design Guide
AN-45 - LinkSwitch-CV Design Guide
AN-47 - TOPSwitch-JX Application Note
AN-48 - CAPZero Design Considerations
AN-51 - HiperTFS-Family Design Considerations
AN-52 - HiperPFS Family Design Guide
AN-53 - Active Power Factor Correction – Basics
AN-55 - HiperLCS Family Design Guide
AN-57 - 9 Simple Steps to Stable Control Loops in Designs
AN-58 - LinkSwitch-HP Design Guide
AN-61 - LinkSwitch-3 Family Design Guide
AN-69 - LinkSwitch-4 Design Guide
AN-70 - LinkSwitch-TN2 Design Guide
AN-72 - InnoSwitch3 Family Design Guide
AN-74 - InnoSwitch3-Pro Programming Manual
AN-77 - InnoSwitch3-Pro Code Library using Arduino
AN-78 - InnoSwitch3-Pro Code Library using PIC16F18325
AN-79 - Wave Soldering Guidelines for InSOP and HSOP Packages
AN-84 - InnoSwitch3-Pro Toggle Board (TST-047) User's Guide
AN-85 - InnoSwitch3-Pro Master Debugger User’s Guide
AN-86 - LinkSwitch-XT2 Design Guide
AN-88 TinySwitch-LT Family Design Guide
AN-89 - InnoMux Chipset - Tips, Techniques and Troubleshooting Guide
AN-90 TinySwitch-III Family Design Guide