Power Integrations provides AC-DC converter ICs and power factor correction devices optimized for tiny personal TVs to the largest and most advanced 4K sets. Characterized by the highest level of integration available, small PCB footprint and low headroom requirements, PI’s products are selected by designers for challenging thin profile TVs, high-reliability professional signage and display units and for highly cost-competitive variants with integrated power/scalar motherboards.

The InnoMux™ chipset consists of an InnoMux controller IC partnered with an InnoSwitch™3-MX isolated switcher IC. The chipset’s unique single-stage power architecture reduces losses in display applications by increasing overall efficiency in constant-voltage and constant-current LED backlight driver stages by 50% compared to conventional solutions, achieving up to 91% efficiency. Additionally, TV and monitor designers can realize over 50% reduction in component count, reducing manufacturing cost and providing an associated improvement in board reliability.

Figure 1: PI Circuit Elements for an LED-Backlit LCD-TV Power Architecture (see RDK-189 and DER-112)

Design Examples

Document DescriptionDesign
26 W Multiple Output Power Supply for Displays and Appliances using InnoMux ChipsetDER-636
45 W Multiple Output Power Supply for LED TVs using InnoMux Chipset
125 W dual output LLC stage design for 50" TV   
<5 mW No-Load Input Power, 8 W Standby Power Supply   
100 W, Low Profile (11 mm), Flyback DC-DC Converter   
125 W LLC DC-DC Resonant Converter   
100 W, Low Profile (11 mm), LLC DC-DC Converter   
High Performance, Low Profile 900 W PFC Front End DER-274  
High Performance, Low Profile 100 W PFC Front End DER-272  
Low-Power, Low-Cost 180 W PFC Front End  RDR-248RDK-248
14.5 W Standby and 300 W Main Power Supply  RDR-249RDK-249
High Performance 347 W PFC Frontend  RDR-236RDK-236
LCD Main Power Supply  downloadRDK-189
LCD TV Standby Power Supply with No-load Power Consumption of Less Than 25 mW download  
LED backlight constant current drivers, 20/30W DC-DC Boost converter using DPA-Switch download  

Recommended Product Families

IC Product
Design GuidesTypical Circuit
InnoSwitch3-MXNAFlyback18 to 50 WOff-Line Multiple Output QR Flyback Switcher IC with Integrated 650 V or 725 V Switch, Synchronous Rectification and FluxLink Feedback, must be paired with InnoMux
InnoMuxNANANA2 CV and 4 Channel Dimming LED Backlight CC Controller, must be paired with InnoSwitch3-MX
CAPZero™-2Product family application note.AC Power SupplyNAEasy to use device for reducing standby mode power by eliminating power losses from X capacitor discharge resistors
CAPZero-3NAAC Power SupplyNAEasily meet IEC60335 safety approvals for major appliances, and cover all capacitor values from 100 nF to 6 µF
HiperLCS™Product family application note.LLC Half-bridgeUp to 440 WIntegrated LLC power stage incorporating a multi-function controller, high-side and low-side gate drivers, plus two power MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration
HiperTFS™-2NATwo-Switch Forward & FlybackUp to 586 WCombined Two-Switch Forward and Flyback Power Supply Controllers with Integrated High Voltage MOSFETs
HiperPFS™-4NABoost PFC110 to 610 WPFC Controller with Integrated 600 V MOSFET
LinkZero™-LPNAFlyback3 WZero No-Load Consumption Integrated Off-Line Switcher
SENZero™NAAC Power SupplyNASimple-to-use device that eliminates significant standby losses by disconnecting unused circuit paths during power-saving modes

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