With the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation, electric bicycles (eBikes) are becoming increasingly popular. Certain countries have even passed laws to encourage the adoption of eBikes. For example, China has decided to stop issuing new licenses for gas powered bicycles and now only issues licenses for eBikes. Many of these new laws also set weight requirements for lighter bikes, creating the need for smaller batteries and highly efficient chargers. To meet this need, PI offers charger solutions featuring its broad range of highly integrated, high-voltage ICs.

Design features include:

  • Current limiting and thermal shutdown (with automatic fault recovery capability) to improve reliability
  • Frequency jittering to reduce EMI
  • High switching frequency significantly reduces the magnetic size

Design Examples

Document DescriptionDesign
DER-850 - 240 W LLC CV/CC Battery Charger Power Supplypdf icon
DER-580 - 118 W High Line Input CV/CC Flyback Charger Supply w/ Thermal Foldback No-fan Design pdf icon  
DER-484 - 300 W, two-switch forward with PFC front endpdf icon
DER-483 - 184 W, no PFC, two-switch forward pdf icon  
DER-472 - 300 W, no PFC, two-switch forward, with 20 W USB pdf icon  
DER-447 - 184 W, no PFC, LLC design pdf icon  

Recommended Product Families

IC Product
Design GuidesTypical Circuit
HiperPFS™-4NABoost PFC110 to 610 WPFC Controller with Integrated 600 V MOSFET Optimized for High PF and Efficiency Across Load Range
HiperPFS-3NABoost PFC110 to 1000 WPFC Controller with Integrated High-Voltage MOSFET - Qspeed Optimized for High PF and Efficiency
HiperPFS-2NABoost PFC110 to 425 WHigh Power PFC Controller with Integrated High-Voltage MOSFET
HiperLCS™Product family application note.LLC Half-bridgeUp to 440 WIntegrated LLC power stage incorporating a multi-function controller, high-side and low-side gate drivers, plus two power MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration
HiperTFS™-2NATwo-Switch Forward & FlybackUp to 586 WCombined Two-Switch Forward and Flyback Power Supply Controllers with Integrated High Voltage MOSFETs
TOPSwitch™-JXProduct family application note.Flyback12 W to 177 WIntegrated Off-Line Switcher with EcoSmart™ Technology for Highly Efficient Power Supplies

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